Final Church

Very little concrete information can be found on the Final Church, the only official document to report on them is an addendum to Project Megiddo that was incorrectly linked in the database.
The Project Megiddo report is as follows:

Final Church
From the scant facts available it is apparent that the Final Church is one of the most dangerous apocalyptic cults in operation in current day America. They do not operate openly but carry a large influence across a number of cults in operation. A number of cases [100-HQ-8743, 267-TX-9022, 272-HQ-9844] make reference to the symbol of the Final Church as given below:

The disparate nature of the cults from the above case files indicates a wide reach by the Final Church and the documents attributed to them recovered from the scenes indicate a highly educated and sophisticated operation.

When interviewed about the Final Church it appears that only the leaders of the cults have any interaction with the Final Church and from all reports the Final Church offers information and guidance early on, and when the cult is sufficiently evolved the Final Church provides resources and equipment indicating a well funded operation.

Any reference found to the Final Church should be escalated as they are considered a major threat to National Security.

Final Church

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