Sweet Maggie

Remy's former flame


Maggie Sweet was a good ol southern girl. Maggie was born on the outskirts of Atlanta. Her father abandoned her when she was a baby. After her mother died when Maggie was just 10 she went to live with her grandfather in Colorado, who was also the towns Doctor. Growing up in Colorado at the foot of Pike’s Peak. There her grandfather taught her how to shoot and drive some of the most treacherous roads in the USA.

When she was 19 she meet a man from the Bayou, Remy Legeune. She quickly fell in love with the mysterious drifter. He would settle in Colorado for her. After two years they were engaged to be married. Two months prior to te day of their nuptuals, Remy disappeared. Her grandfather told her that he was Remy affraid of hurting her and the she should forget about him. She never did.

After her grandfather passed away a few years later Maggie sold the farm. Maggie Sweet set out to find the cajun.


Sweet Maggie

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