Curtis Ryan

Ex-Police officer now simple cabbie


Curtis Ryan

(M Human Tough 1): CR 1; Med. Humanoid;

HD 1d10+2; HP 10; MAS 15;

Initiative +1; Spd 30’; Defense 12, touch 11, flat-footed 12 (class +1, armour +1); BAB 0; Reach 5’ (5×5);

AL Law, Friends and Family, Truth;

SV Fort 3, Ref 1, Will 0; AP ; Rep +0;

Str 13, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 10.

Attacks: Colt Python [Attack bonus 2; Dmg 2d6; Crit 20; Rng 40; Wgt 3lb.; Typ Ballistic; Sz Med; Notes: RoF S; 6 cyl.; (.357 revolver)]
Unarmed (Lethal) [Attack bonus -3; Dmg 1d3+1; Crit 20; Rng ; Wgt -lb.; Typ Bludgeoning; Sz Small; Notes: Provokes AoO; Used Two-Handed]
Metal baton [Attack bonus 1; Dmg 1d6+1; Crit 19-20; Rng ; Wgt 2lb.; Typ Bludgeoning; Sz Med; Notes: Can be collapsed to Small size;]

Skills: Concentration +4; Craft: Mechanical +3; Drive +3; Investigate +8; Knowledge: Streetwise +4; Sense Motive +6; Spot +4;
Languages: Native Language (Speak, Read & Write)

Feats: Attentive; Defensive Martial Arts: +1 Defense in Melee; Simple Weapons Proficiency;

Talents: Fire Resistance 2;

Possessions: Colt Python (3lb.); Metal baton (2lb.); Leather jacket (4lb.); Duffle Bag (1lb.); Ammo (.357 caliber) x50 (1lb.); Casual Outfit (2lb.); Duct tape x2 (1lb.); Multi-function PDA/Cell Phone (0.5lb.); Mechanical tool kit – Basic (22lb.); GPS receiver (1lb.); Road atlas (1lb.); Standard Flashlight (1lb.); Fire extinguisher (3lb.);

Armour: Leather jacket (Bonus +1; MDB 0; ACP 0; Notes )
Occupation: Investigative


All his life Curtis wanted to help people, solve crimes and catch the bad guys. Life is so much simpler in the movies. Curtis did join the police force and met Julia, a fellow beat cop. Six months later they married. Julia was promoted to Homicide Detective and her new career took over. Another six months later they divorced. Curtis still loves her deeply and her happiness is all he asks for.

One year later Curtis was dishonorably discharged from the police force. It all happened because of a kidnapping case. The daughter of a prominent business man was held for ransom. While Curtis did not participate in the investigation he was one of he beat cops in the raid of the home of the prime suspect. The victim did not survive. The man was crazed. When placed in his custody he pointed at Curtis, “You, finally you have arrived.” At this something hit Curtis from behind knocking him cold. The reports state that Curtis fainted and allowed the suspect to escape from custody. The event left a black mark about the size of a thumb nail on the back of his neck.

Since this time Curtis has had a reoccurring dream where he is running from something dark, a voice speaks to him, asking to be let in so it can protect him. Fear drives Curtis to accept the offer and opens his mind to the voice. A swirl of black flame-like tattoos crawl down his arms, creep across his chest and climb up his neck. A searing heat follows in its wake. They swirl around his face and reach for his eyes. Fire consumes him.

It is here that Curtis wakes and always a heat recedes to the back of his neck.

“Just in my head. It’s just in my head.” This mantra along with large amounts of alcohol allows him to sleep peacefully.


1. Describe yourself as someone meeting you for the first time would see you. Race? Gender? Age? Size? Coloration? Attractiveness? Dress? Do you try to emphasize or hide any of these features?
Curtis will rather good looking is almost completely unaware of how people fee him. Quite frankly he just doesn’t care what people think. Not any more. He dresses in what ever feel comfortable at this time usually t-shirtd and jeans with a.leather jacket.

2. What other details would someone notice on a closer look? Do you have any distinguishing marks (birthmarks, scars, etc.)?
Curtis has a small tattoo with Julia’s name on him left shoulder. Since his blackout there has been what appears to be a black birthmark on the back of his neck.

3. Do you have a distinctive way of speaking? Any mannerisms or other memorable behaviour?
Curtis has become a very directly spoken man who can be quite blunt with his words. Never one for small talk, he would prefer to get to the meat of a conversation.

Birth & Family

1. Where and when were you born? Do you know your exact birthdate? Did anything unusual (storms, accidents, deaths, etc.) happen about the same time, with which some people might still associate your birthdate?
Born in scottland 21/10/1975

2. Who are your parents? Names? Occupations? Social class? Were they married? Are they still alive?
Bruce and Mary Ryan moved back to scottland just after Curtis’s divorce.

3. Do you have any siblings? How many? Gender? Older or younger? Are they still alive?
Single child due to complications.

4. Do you know any members of your extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)?
Almost all live in scottland and there are.too many to.list.

5. How did you get along with your family?
Fairly well he calls them every couple of months or so.

Education & Work

1. Did you serve an apprenticeship in order to learn your current profession? For how long?
Being a taxi driver requires little in the way of training. Being a beat cop however was very different.

2. If you were not an apprentice, how did you learn your trade, skills, etc.? Formal schooling? Informal teachers? Self-taught? 3. Who was your master, teacher or mentor? (Race? Gender? Appearance? Personality?) Is he/she still alive? How were you treated? Are/were you on good terms with your master? 4. Did your teacher have other apprentices or students? Who were they? 5. Are you literate? How important are letters, books,etc. to you? Do you carry any writings and/or writing materials with you on your adventures?

6. Do you have a job other than “adventurer”? Who do you work for? (Or are you self-employed?) How much of your time does this job require?
Curtis owns his cab and contracts out to a cab company


1. Who were your friends as a child? As an adolescent? As an adult? 2. How many of these people are still alive? How many are you still friends with? 3. Who is/was your best friend? What is the most memorable thing that the two of you ever did together? 4. What do you look for in a friend? 5. Have you ever been in love? Was it reciprocated? Do you have (or have you had) a boy/girlfriend, a lover, or a spouse? More than one? Are you looking for one? What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Attitudes & Beliefs

1. What are your beliefs about religion and the afterlife? Do you follow any particular god or gods? What appeals to you most about this religion? Least?
Curtis was brought up in a good catholic family but foes nog feel that religion holds anything for him. He can follow the.rituals but there is no meaning in it for him.

2. Where do the spirits of nature, the elements and the dead fit into these beliefs? 3. What gods, religions, or priesthoods will you have nothing to do with?

4. What is your moral code? Under what conditions will you kill? Steal? Lie? Do you have a personal code of behaviour about violence? Sex?
Chris had never killed and only once drew his gun with intent. That was the day he blackedout. He believes in the ideals of the law buy not the letter. He will bend it to suit his needs and do what needs to be done. The ends can sometimes justify the means.

5. How committed are you to seeing through something (a task, quest,bargain, etc.) that you have started?
Curtis lives to do two things; get back with Julia and find out what happened the day of his blackout. Thus far he had not use success with either but still had hope for both.

6. How important are the following to you?: Power? Wealth? Fame? Honor? Family? Friends? Love? Knowsledge? Religion? Your job? To what lengths would you go to aquire or preserve these things?
Even while divorced Julia means everything to Curtis. He will go to the ends of the earth for her and still argue the whole way.

7. How often do you remember your dreams? How much attention do you pay to them? Do they inspire you? Guide or warn you? Frighten you?
Since the blackout Curtis had only the one dream.

8. What is your attitude towards the unknown? Do you believe in the paranormal? What is the extent of your beliefs?
Something happened to Curtis and he knows that it use logging to do with the everyday world. There is another world out there but he just can’t find it yet.

Edges & Flaws

1. What are you especially good at? What sets you apart from the rest of the world? A skill? An unusual knack? A certain flair of style or wit? 2. What flaws do you have? Bad habits? Obsessions? Terrible (or embarrassing) secrets? 3. Do you have any enemies? How much trouble do those conflicts cause you?

Likes & Dislikes

1. What do you love? (People? Places? Creatures? Kinds of food? Activities? Subjects?) 2. What do you hate? How do you typically react to these negative stimuli? 3. What do you fear? What is your worst nightmare?

The Other Player Characters Note: Many of these questions are best answered in collaboration!

1. How did you meet the other PCs? How did you become adventuring companions? 2. What were your first impressions of the other PCs, and how has that impression changed (if any) since then? 3. What is your relationship with each of them like? What bonds keep you together?


1. Have you had any encounter that you couldn’t explain? How did you react? Did you ignore it and pretend that you just imagined the whole thing? Did it change your perception of the world? 2. If you have any unusual personal possessions, describe how you acquired them. Is their value practical, monetary, sentimental or some combination of these? 3. If you wish to add any pregame history that is not already covered by the questions above, please do so (especially if you are much older than the default starting ages).

Curtis Ryan

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