Paradise Lost

An interesting week
The Wall is Green

Not my usually week.

I pick up this old guy (name is Wallace Green) as a fair and he offers me some job. Meet him at the Smithsonian Institute. He is paying with cash and answers. Apparently he can help me find out what actually happened that day and what this bloody black mark is.

So I turn up and there are two others there. One of them is Remy an old CI (Criminal Informant) of mine back in my uniform days. The other is some magician who also runs back room card games. The name rings a bell and Remy knows him.

Green lead us all down the labyrinthine hall ways of the institute swiping security cards left, right and centre. We see three large and very detailed drawings of Remy, Robert and I and told that is how and why we were recruited.


Eventually (how far down have we come?) Green takes us into an office and passes us a crime report with the news that we are to investigate this. We are given the credentials of blood splatter specialists.

Okay. So Green sees some pictures tracks down three guys who just happen to somehow know each other just to investigate a crime that the cops are already looking in to. Riiiight. He had better deliver on his promise of information.

We go to the murder scene.

Bullet note time.

  • Gregor (something Romanian) had his head rammed into a wall.
  • There is not quite enough blood to account for the way he died. (Robert instantly says VAMPIRE.)
  • There is no forced entry.
  • There are no signs of a struggle.
  • A blood trail lead out of the room but end in a pile of dust.
  • Gregor casually leaves his keys in a bowl when entering the unit, meaning he was comfortable with whoever he came in with.
  • They both? go into Gregors room. Did he pick up a date? What woman or man could put a fit guy like Gregor face first into a wall without a struggle.

Well we look around more at the apartment and find a receipt for the local pub. Remy finds an od photo maybe his parents and grandfather?

next stop is the local shop to see if their camera might have picked something up. A twenty later and Robert is scrolling through the footage. we cant quite see them but Gregor may have come home with someone else. What we do see is the name of the cab company that took them home. A quick trip to a park showed us that their cameras were useless.

To the pub Batman.

Robert orders a beer and I show the barman a photo of gregor (taken from the apartment) to find out if he was here the night of the murder. He was watching football, some romanian team won, (I am starting to see a pattern here). Some really old guy starts talking to Gregor through the game and they leave together.

We amke a time to meet with the cabbie who took them home. He tells us that he did not think they knew each other that well and that Anatov(?) spoke with a heavy accent but they both spoke english. Gregor didn’t seem like the type to sell himself so what happened here?

We take the dust to Mr Green to see if he can analyse it. The next day he comes back saying that it is the remains of a decomposed human. Robert just smiles and says VAMPIRE.


Now this is getting weird but we ask about a database of other things? Wallace Green points us to Wayne Samos at the Monkeys Paw Bookshop. Huh?

more to come…

Psycological Profile

Psycologist Dr R. Monroe
Patient Leguene, Remy

The attached pages have been taken from the personel diary of the patient, Remy Legeune. The pages are concerend with the leadup to and the mission of his interview. Observations and notes follow.


I’m enjoying the flying lessons Hawk is giving me. Best flush I ever got. I have been really liking the Beech Pilatus PC-9 Mk.2, but tomorrow Hawk is taking me up in a Beechcraft Twin Bonanza. He thinks i’ll enjoy that.

Saturday Morning

Last night I had trouble sleeping. I saw the twin Bonanze burst into flames in midair before careening down into the Atlantic. I’m not flying that today.

Saturday Afternoon

Hawk took me up in the PC-9 instead of the Twin Bonanza. Old Pete took it up with some tourists from Miami instead. We were flying near enough to the Twin Bonanza to see it burst into flames. We radioed in the location of the crash and then circled until the rescue boats came in.

There were no survivors.


No flying today. The pilots are preparing for Old Pete’s funeral. The bodies of the tourists are being flown back to Florida.


Old Pete’s funeral today. I played some fiddle for the ceremony. Afterwards a man called Green told me he had a job for me in Washington DC. I hadn’t been there for a while. Green offered me a plane ticket and told me to meet him at the Smithsonian. Green told me that he would be able to help with my sister. The plane leaves tomorrow.


Plane ride to Washington. Boring. Not even a barrel roll.


I arrived at the Smithsonian, I saw the Crooked Cop. He didn’t look as good as he used to. There was also the croupier The “Magical” Bobby. Turns out we were all recruited by Mr Green. Copper boy says he is no longer a cop but a cabbie here in Washington.

He took us down under the Smithsonian. He led us to a room where there were photos of the three of us. No. Drawings. Green says that Sammy Lee drew them. In the room there is also a map of North America. It has cirlces marked around Washington, Atlanta and Nova Scotia. I guess Big Bob was in Atlanta last week.

Green gives us a file on a murder that happened the other day in Maryland. He wants us to go in as blood splatter experts and see if we can work out what happened. We go over the photos and the police report. Apparently this guy Gregor got his head smashed against the wall and tehre isn’t as much blood as there should be. Gregor is wearing what looks like a Romanian soccer jersey. Considering his age, Gregor looks like he is in pretty good condition. He gives us a car and we get on our way.

Pro Driver drives us there. It’s a pleasant drive. But he could at least do a barrel roll to make it more interesting.

We make it to the appartment, say hi to the police guard. It is clear police are not very good at their jobs. We all have a look around the appartment. I take a brief look at Gregor’s computer in his study. The study has mainly accounting books. Tax man finds a reciept from a nearby watering hole. Gregor has a weights room. Seems like an alpha male to me. We take a look at the crime scene. We find the pile of dust. Moulder suspects “Vampire” but Scully disagrees and takes a sample of the dust in a plastic container. personally I’m thinking of Occam’s Razor and that it is a misdirection attempt by an international consortium of white suppremists under the control of the communist government in Russia which is in turn being manipulated by Al Qaeda. I do see an old photograph of a man that looks similar to Gregor, a relative perhaps and what looks like an old man in like a mentor or master role. Hard to tell in the photo.

Heading to the convinece store it is clear that there is a security camera pointed in the direction of the appartment building. After some smooth talking on my part and a little green from the ATM we managed to get access to the security footage. After a few attempts we managed to see a cab arrive at the appartment, but could not tell anything about the passengers. We could see that the cab company was “Yellow Cab”, the same company the cabbie works for. Nosey wants to check out a park out the back and we also want to check out the convience sotre on the corner. We head out ot the park. To Park boy’s dissapoitment there is no cameras.

After Mr Ihatefiddlemusic decides he hates fiddle music, we decide to head to the bar. When we got to the bar Drunky ordered a drink and walked away while Smoking Joe stayed outside. After a litle converstaion with the barkeep and bar wench and access to the security footage, thanks to my smooth talking endeavors. I discovered that Gregov had been drinking wiht an old man that looked a lot like that guy in the old photo. They were both wearing Romanian soccer jerseys and had celebrated Romania’s win over Serbia. Gregov had a few but was not drunk, his friend seemed to nurse a beer all night. Lastly, I discovered that “Yellow Cab” was one of the two cab companies to service this bar. I shared my notes and a photo of the old guy with the others. After he concluded Gregov had made a homosexual hookup with the old guy, I got Mr Homophobic to call the cab company.

We meet up with the cab driver who was willing to tell us about the cab ride. Apparently,
Gregov tlaked a lot to the old guy who was called Andrev. Andrev had a thick Romanian accent while Gregov’s did not appear to have one. They also appeared to not know each other too well.

We headed back to the Smithsonian to get Wallice to do a chemical analysis of the dust. After that Driver took us to a hotel. Bankroll was happy to foot the bill for me. He really is a nice guy, except that he wouldn’t let me charge anything to the hotel room. So, I played some fiddle, wrote this and now I’m going to sleep.


I dreamed of snow on a really high mountain where the sky was purple.

After breakfast we headed back to Gregov’s appartment. We found out on the way that it the dust was actually decomposed human remains. We got back to the apartment. I checked the computer again. This time I found a lot of things out. I discovered that he was interested in returning to his ancestral home in Romania and that his grandparents fled Romania during World War II.

Mr Slowlycomesaround rang Wallace to find out if the “agency” had a database or something to try and work out what this is. Green suggested we head to a bookshop called “The Monkey’s Paw”.

We head over to the bookshop. After freaking out the store owner we found a book on mythology from Romania. After reading it, we are starting to suspect, Vampire. Although, i’m not entirely sure that communist China has nothing to do with it. Inside the book was a reference to another book. The shop owner didn’t have a copy of that one but recommended trying Washington State University.

We went over to the University. They did have a copy of the book in another campus that they could get it in the next day after one of us signed up as a member.


We returned to the university. We got the Romanian translator to translat esome parts of the text. Specifically those dealing with vampires. We had to narrow it down to vampires from Gregov’s home area. We found out that the local type of vampire had to remain close to one particular family in order to live forever. Probably a servant family. The vampire could always find it easy to persuade this family. When the vampire killed a family member he could transfer his essence. After hearing this we deduced that Gregov was a part of this family, that probably escaped their vampire master during World War II.

Mr Jumpthegun asked if the vampire could feign death. The answer was that when the vampire slept he would appear dead. On hearing this he left the room quickly saying “We must go to the morgue”. I asked if the vampire could transfer into the a member of the family. The translator said that it doesn’t appear so.


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