This will be the D20 Modern campaign, I’ve been working on this on and off for a while. As far as your characters go, just make a standard level 1 of any class; this is going to (at least to start with) a fairly low powered campaign, where running (sorry, regrouping) may be the best option. I may tweak the rules a little, but I will post any rule changes on here.

The threat of death is very real in this campaign. As I said this campaign will be along the vein of x-files, fringe, supernatural, dark matter maybe even some call of cthulu thrown in for good measure. Let’s say horror-paranormal genre.

Investigation, computer use and charisma based skills will be useful. But there will be combat/action sequences. Feel free to have existing relationships/allegiances, whether they be government, military, private etc. Though try to steer away from sadistic/psychotic characters; they are just a pain to GM for. I’d rather focus on running adventures than working out ways to keep the party together as well. You don’t need to trust each other completely straight away but some prior knowledge of each other or at least one other party member wouldn’t go astray. Similar ideals would be good as well; though I’d prefer it was more than “getting paid”. Questionnaire is up bonus experience provided for filling it out and for providing a background, character motivations and plot-hooks; maybe even a bonus level :-)

In addition each of you has some form of special ability; though your character doesn’t know they have it. They may have had it manifest once or twice but they have written it off as something else. Now this can be almost anything, telepathy; telekinetics; farseeing; pyrokinetics; precognition; esp; ability to speak to the dead etc. Just let me know what you want it to be, you don’t have to write it up in your character sheet if you don’t want anyone else to know. I will work out the specifics of the power, what it takes to manifest and all that. Though if you want to have some input feel free to let me know.

Paradise Lost

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